Folsom Nomination

See Folsom and Graduate Studies Awards for deadlines, guidelines, and additional information.

Before you begin

Make sure you have the following:

  1. Outside faculty reviewers
    Two outside faculty members who have agreed to review and rank the dissertation, and an email address for each.
    • Doctoral: Reviewers must be from outside the University.
    • Master's: Reviewers must be from outside the department or University.
  2. Supporting texts
    In a plain-text format that you can copy and paste into our form (i.e. not on paper):
    • Doctoral:
      • The nominee's 2-page vita.
      • 1-page letter from the dissertation supervisor.
      • 1-page letter from a member of the dissertation committee.
      • 1-page letter from an expert scholar of the nominee's choice from within or outside the University who did not serve on the supervisory committee.
    • Master's:
      • 1-page endorsement from the dept. graduate committee chair
      • 1-page letter from the nominee's faculty mentor/advisor
      • 1-page resume/CV of the nominee
  3. Thesis/dissertation abstract
    Prepared by the nominee, no more than 10 pages, in PDF or Word format, to be emailed to Jane Schneider at

Need more time?

If you wish to nominate someone but you are having trouble assembling all required materials before the deadline, talk to Jane Schneider sooner rather than later. We may be able to grant an extension.

Submit this form only if you have complete, correct information. Do not enter placeholder text just to get a nomination in. If you submit a nomination containing placeholder data, that nomination will be deleted and (deadlines permitting) we will invite you to resubmit this form once you have complete information.

Folsom Nomination


This selection will change award-specific items below.

If you do not know the NUID, have someone look it up. Do not make up a fake NUID.

Outside Reviewers
Example: Dr. Jane Smith
Example: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Supporting Materials Letters should evaluate the significance and quality of the thesis/dissertation work.

Paste plain text into this form. If you attempt to paste rich text instead, text formatting (bolding, centering, superscript, etc.) will be lost and some special characters (symbols, foreign letters, etc.) may be lost or distorted.

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Thesis/Dissertation Abstract Email the abstract to Jane Schneider at as an attachment in PDF or Word format.
The abstract should be no more than 10 pages in length, prepared by the nominee.