Water Sciences Laboratory

Contact: Daniel Snow
Location: Water Sciences Laboratory 202
E-mail: dsnow1@unl.edu
Phone: (402) 472-7539
URL: http://watercenter.unl.edu/WaterSciLab/WSL.asp

The mission of the Water Sciences Laboratory is to support environmental and water related research by providing technical services and expertise in analytical and isotopic methods.


MakeModelEquipment Function
Agilent6890Gas Chromatograph (ECD/TCD) for Gas Analysis-CFCs/N2O
Agilent5973 MSDGas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer (EI/CI)-Purge for Volatile organics/pesticides
Analytical PrecisionAP2003Continuous Flow Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer for stable isotopes carbonates/water
DionexICS 90Ion Chromatograph for Dissolved Anions
Gow Mac69-550PGas Chromatograph (TCD) for Gas Analysis (N2, Ar, CO2)
GV InstrumentsIsoprime-CFContinuous Flow Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometer for Stable Isotopes in Water/Solids
GV InstrumentsPlatform XSInductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICPMS) for Trace Element Analysis and Enriched Isotopes
GV InstrumentsIsoprime-DIDual Inlet Mass Spectrometer with Multiprep Automation for Small Sample 15N-13C Isotopes
HP5890Gas Chromatograph (ECD/FID) for Chlorinated Coumpounds/Methane
HP5971Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer Furnace for Compound Specific Isotope Analysis
HP5972Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer for Pesticides-FAMES
INUSBetaRAMFlow-Through Radioactivity Detector for 14C Labelled Compounds/Ion Trap MS Identification
LabconcoRapidVap N2Sample Concentrator for Extract Concentration
LachatQuikChem 8500Flow Injection Analyzer for Nutrients
MicromassQuattroLiquid Chromatograph/Triple Quad Mass Spectrometer for High Sensitivity Contaminant Analysis
MicromassOptimaDual Inlet Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer for 15N in Nitrate/Ammonia/Gas Samples
OI1010Organic Carbon Analyzer for Total Organic Carbon
Perkin ElmerAnalyst 400Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer for Cation and Metal Analysis
RapidVapN2Sample Concentrator
Seal AnalyticalAQ2Autoanalyzer for Automated Colorimetric Methods (NO3, NH)
Spark HollandSymbiosis-EnvironOn-line SPE LC/MS/MS for Pesticide Metabolites, Pharmaceutical and Toxins Analysis
SpectronicGenesysSpectrophotometer for Colorimetric Methods
ThermofinniganLCQLiquid Chromatograph/Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer for Polar Organic Contaminants and MS Characterization
Thomas ScientificWiley MillHigh Capacity Grinder for Sample Grinding Preparation
Trace AnalyticalRGAReduced Gas Analyzer for Hydrogen and CO Analysis and Redox Characterization
Waters2695High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph PDA/ Fluorescence for Algal Pigments/Explosives/Algal Toxins Analysis
Waters600SHigh Pressure Liquid Chromatograph ICPMS Detector for Elemental Speciation (As, Hg, U)