Plant Phenotyping Facilities

Contact: Tala Awada
Location: NIC Greenhouse, Beadle Center, ARDC
Phone: (402) 472-7088

Transformative technologies in high-throughput plant phenotyping platforms offer the opportunity to integrate proximal remote sensing and imaging measurements of intricate morphological and functional characteristics of plants. This integration is of paramount importance in the quest to link phenomics to genomic expression, optimize yields, achieve crop efficiencies (e.g., water, nutrient, and photosynthetic), understand resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses, and develop biomass for bioenergy and other valuable traits in plants. This investment in cutting-edge instrumentation and supporting infrastructure for plant phenotyping builds on existing programmatic expertise at UNL across the plant sciences including areas of plant and landscape phenotyping, and aligns with capacity growth initiatives in these and related areas in IANR. Investments were made in three facilities: the HTS Lemnatec Chamber System for small plants located at the Beadle Center; the Lemnatec 3D High Throughput Scanalyzer for plants up to 2.5 m tall at the NIC Greenhouse; and the Spidercam Field Phenotyping Facility on 1 acre land at ARDC.


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