Electron Microscopy

Contact: Xingzhong "Jim" Li
Location: Jorgensen Hall 033
E-mail: xli2@unl.edu
Phone: (402) 472-8762
URL: http://www.unl.edu/ncmn/cfem

The function of the Electron Microscopy facility is to provide access to electron microscopes, sample preparation equipment and data collection and data instrumentation. The scope of the facility is materials characterization of the topography, morphology, elemental composition, crystalline structure, crystal defects, and atomic arrangements of materials, largely on a scale from 10 micrometers down to the near-atomic level.


MakeModelEquipment Function
AlliedMultiprepPrecise semi-automatic sample preparation equipment
Branson2200Ultrasonic Cleaner
EmscopeSC500Sputter Coater
FEINova Nano SEM450Scanning Electron Microscope
FEIOsiris (S)TEM(Scanning) Transmission Electron Microscope
GatanPIPSPrecision Ion Polishing System
IntekISMB4003Optical Microscope
JEOLJEM 2010Transmission Electron Microscope
JEOLJSM 840AScanning Electron Microscope
LeicaZoom 2000Stereo Microscope
VCR GroupD500iDimpler